Seed Sower Necklace

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I pray we sow seeds everywhere we go. That when someone speaks to us- they see Jesus in us and a seed is planted to bloom in good time. I pray we are like the seeds rooted in good soil. May our roots grow deep and multiply many times over. May our eyes see, our ears hear, and our hearts understand what the Father is saying. It is a blessing to be among the ones who understand. Remember that what is rooted in truth cannot be snatched away like the seeds planted in the field, shallow soil, and thorns. Be careful to listen, not just hear, to see and not just look, and desire to know and understand the word of God. It will truly be the treasure of your life. I pray the earth is covered in seeds rooted in good soil. The Parable of the Sower- Matthew 13:1-23

Necklace Details: Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Filled

13mm 20 gauge square 16" chain

Textured card with original art by Lauren Ferguson of The Golden Designs
Made in United States of America