Sunless Tan Serum

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Sunless Tanning Serum with Antiaging Ingredients

Ingredients: Distilled water, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts (rosehip, burdock root, green tea) sodium lactate, dihydroxyacetone, erthrulose, grapeseed oil, sea buckthorn, camellia oil, squalane oil, gelmaker EMU, paraben free preservative, xanthum gum, citric acid

Directions: Shake the bottle gently, Place 4-10 drops in your favorite face cream or moisturizer. Apply evenly to skin. Place 4-10 drops in your favorite lotion and paply to arms, repeat for each body part. For a deeper glow apply directly to skin. For best results prepare the skin by washing or gently exfoliating. Apply onto dry clean skin. Dries in minutes and color develops in 4-6 hours. Wash hands immediately after use. Wait 4- 6 hours before showering. External use only. Keep away from children. If rash appears discontinue use