Lil' Slimesters Slime

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Delight your Lil' Slimesters this holiday season with this fun, scented slime. Perfect for stocking stuffers, this slime will provide hours of slimy, ooey-gooey fun! Let the shenanigans begin!

Harold -  Blue, Cotton Candy Scented, Jelly Sparkly Texture, Star Charm Mix-Ins

Sydney - Teal, Vanilla Scented, Buttery Texture, Rainbow Sprinkle Mix-Ins

Sophie - Red, Strawberry Bubble Gum Scented, Buttery Texture, Foam Ball Mix-Ins

Gilbert - Purple, Glossy, Panda Mix-Ins

Trudy - Pink, Jelly Sparkle Texture, Glitter, Star Charm Mix-Ins

Albert - Green, Vanilla Scented, Buttery Texture, Clay Avocado Mix-ins

Lil' Slimesters Slime
Lil' Slimesters Slime