Beef Jerky

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Voodoo Chile Carolina Reaper: A face melting medley of carolina reaper and garlic.

Truffle-o Bill: A potent pioneer of the American flavor frontier.

Maryland Monroe: A hickory smoke show with a kiss of chesapeake crab spice.

Baby Blues BBQ: Sweet BBQ blend of habanero & serranos.

Habanero Escobar: The notorious meat with habanero heat.

Victorious B.I.G: Stout infused meat that's peppery & sweet.

O.G Hickory: The smoky & savory O.G. classic.

Bourbon Franklin: An American dream of bourbon & vanilla bean.

Fowl Capone Turkey Jerky: Turkey with basil infused

Nelson Mandilla: Cracked pepper and dill

Faire brand.