Safety Razor + Stand

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Superior shaving products designed to protect the planet.

How to use the safety razor:

Twist the razor head anti-clockwise whilst holding the handle. Separate the head into two parts and remove / insert the blade.

Hold the razor at a 30 angle and work in short strokes. Let the razor do the work and only apply light pressure. Shaving in the direction of the hair will provide a smoother shave with less irritation. Repeat for a closer shave.

We get that this can all appear daunting but trust us, it's a doddle! The razor features a protective guard (hence the name safety razor) so it's pretty hard to nick yourself!

Caution -- Keep razor and blades out of reach of children.


Can be used by both men & women. Suitable for head, body and more sensitive areas. Arrives with 10 free recyclable razor blades. Knurled handle for added grip in slippy conditions.